The Archipelago Promise

Project Details

Roles: Technical Designer / Feature Team Lead / QA Lead

Duration: 40 weeks (2022-2023 - 3rd-year project)

Genre: First Person Survival Game

Platforms: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 5

My Responsibilities in this project

as a Technical Designer

  • Designing and prototyping many of the core systems in the game like; the interaction system, the resource system and the crafting system to name a few.

  • Implementing these core systems into the project
  • Polishing these systems so they remain bug-free

  • Designing and balancing the resources and crafting

  • Creation and updating of a gym level with all resources and crafting systems for testing purpose
  • Design and implementation of the tutorial using a programmer-created tool

as a QA Lead

  • Optimizing the QA pipeline

  • Reducing time required to complete the QA procedure from 2 hours to 30 minutes / 1 hour

  • Improving QA efficiency to find 

  • Leading the QA process to make sure the correct features are tested and bugs reported

  • Creation and maintaning the relevance of the QA document

as a Feature Team Lead

  • Leading a small group of 7 other students (3 Designers, 3 Programmers and 1 Visual Artist)

  • Lead the sprint planning within my Feature team to make sure its in line with the sprint goals

  • Solving their dependacies and communicating this to other feature teams and the Producer

  • Making sure all their blocks are removed or solved so everyone can continue working

  • Lead the stand-ups

  • Reviewing everyone’s work in Jira and give feedback or put them in done

Showcase of some of my work I did as a technical Designer

Creation, prototyping implementation and polishing of the Interaction System

Creation, prototyping implementation and polishing of the crafting stations​

Creation, implementation and polishing of the Resource system

Implementation of the tutorial system

In the 'About Me' page I go more in-depth on how I created one of these systems

Showcase of some of my work I did as a QA Lead

Assigning tasks to team members

Creating tasks and leading the QA team to complete them

Showcase of some of the documents I created as a Designer

Resource & Recipe List

During the project I was tasked with creating the resources, recipes and the progression of the player. For that I created this list (now in the Macro Design Document) which shows all the resources (Including their effects, what recipes they unlock, findable locations and how many the player can find) and recipes (How they get unlocked, their requirements and in which station they can be crafted).

Recipe Charts

To make it more clear what each recipes requirement was I created charts like this one.

Stand-up document

How the stand-up document looked after a morning stand-up. The stand-up notes are kept in the Confluence and uses links to the Jira tasks.

Stijn van Schie